Association of Research & Development Movement of Singai Sarawak

Redeems Ethnic Food & Music Festival 2015

Ethnic Food & Music Festival (REFMF15)
on 23rd– 25th October 2015
at REDEEMS CENTRE, Kampung Apar, Singai, Bau

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This event is jointly organized with Bau District Office, Bau District Council and
Nestle Product Sdn. Bhd. who will be the main sponsor for this ever first event
which will be an annual event thereafter.

The objectives of this festival are among others:-

1) To promote the various ethnic foods to both local and tourists from
other countries and make this event as tourism product and development.

2) Cooking competition on various ethnic foods by various ethnic group can
lead to the commercialization of ethnic food and thereby encourage entrepreneurship
amongst the natives.

3) To encourage better cooperation, unity and understanding between and
among the Rakyat involved as well as creating goodwill with others participating
in the event and visitors.

4) To showcase of popular ethnic foods by Dayak’s, Malay and Chinese for
the development of tourism product and tourism industry in the rural areas, and

5) To inculcate entrepreneurship, leadership training, and self-involvement
of the community in their own development.

The competition and showcase of ethnic food will involve three (3) ethnic namely:-

1) Dayak’s (Bidayuh, Iban, Orang Ulu)
2) Malay
3) Chinese

Both traditional and modern music of the various ethnic groups would also form part of three (3) days festival. 

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