Association of Research & Development Movement of Singai Sarawak

President Message

President’s Message


REDEEMS was born out of the realization and the needs for a native tribe, the Bisingai of the Bidayuh community in Sarawak, Malaysia, to be as progressive as other communities to face the onslaught of breakneck changes in this modern globalized world, lest they be thrown out of the bandwagon of change and be trampled upon.

Thus it is an experimental model of a community based organization (CBO), non governmental organization (NGO) and a non-profit organization (NPO) with a mission to make the community to be actively involved in and contribute to their own development towards its vision for an orderly, disciplined and progressive society.

REDEEMS endeavour to achieve this mission and vision by developing a strong management structure, gradually putting in place its process and procedure to mobilize the community to do its community projects and activities and looking for finances to meet its budget.

Thus. REDEEMS is a racing track and a vehicle for the community to join in the race for progress and not a boxing ring to disunite its community. REDEEMS is a small regional body because it believe that it need to be more focused, bite only what it can chew and start with developing the parts to develop the whole and share with others its experience, findings and aspiration. On the other hand it will always seek to learn from and cooperate with others for continuous improvement to serve the community better. Thus, we welcome any co-operation and collaborative participant of any parties and NGOs nationally and internationally in our projects and activities such as in our Bamboo and language projects and cultural activities like our Annual Gawai Carnival REDEEMS.

It is striving to seek all avenues to compliment all other efforts by the government and other parties to develop the community which is lagging far behind other progressive communities.

Thus, we welcome and appreciate very much any constructive comments, guidance, and assistance to us in our common development goal to assist the less developed community and contribute to mankind.

President, REDEEMS

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